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Car keys Wrocław Emergency car starter Phone: 662 55 99 88 | Phone: 511 11 11 24


Replacement keys and programming; repairs, removal and coding of immobilisers

Key Center
ul. Robotnicza 50
53–608 Wrocław
Phone: +48 662 55 99 88
Phone: +48 511 11 11 24

        Key Center offers car electronics services, particularly the services related with car immobilisers as well as replacement keys and coding modern car keys. As the car may stop everywhere, immobiliser problems are generally repaired within the road assistance services. We own emergency road service units ready to tow the vehicle to a garage or to the client’s place of residence.
The offer includes the following services:
— repair/coding/adjustments of car immobilisers (immos)
— radical immobiliser (immo) removal, possible for some vehicle models only
— electronic (transponder/RFID) and mechanic duplicating of car keys to replace the lost or damaged ones
— programming of car computers/controls (software updates to their latest versions)
— programming/coding/duplicating keys with immobiliser
— programming/coding/duplicating of car remote controls
— repair of master car safety systems (alarm, immo)
— identification/reading of the vehicle’s PIN code
— repair, programming of ECU (control/computer ) to its master settings in order to synchronise the car
— emergency car opening and start-up, e.g., when the key is lost
— reading of error code reset
— repairs and adjustments of car mileage counter(s)
— computer trouble-shooting of vehicles
— new and second-hand spare parts on stock for car immobilisers, including coils/loops, UHC, BSI ECU (computer), new
keys with transponders and remote controls, as well as other components
— repairs and regeneration of car locks and ignition switch systems
— programming/repairs of electronic keys and ignition switch systems for Mercedes cars (EZS, ELV)

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